Call me Cerise, Made in France

When Le Creuset’s best selling hue was introduced decades ago in France, the master enamellers who crafted the now iconic shade of red called it Cerise. Years later, when the colour arrived in North America, the colour was translated to Cherry, which although a literal translation never quite captured the passion of its authentic French name.

The vibrant, stunning red cookware that you’ve always loved will remain the same colour. It is simply being re-introduced with a new (old) name. Welcome to Cerise!

Since you or someone you know have surely been pining for a piece, any piece, of Le Creuset in Cerise now is a great time to come see a huge selection of cerise in-stock.

Le Creuset Cerise

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Le Creuset in Your Kitchen

Since 1925 the skilled craftsmen at Le Creuset have perfected enameled cast iron cookware, making it the mainstay of chefs around the world. If you watch any of the shows on the Food Network you are certain to see Le Creuset regularly featured in the kitchens.

Each one-of-a-kind Le Creuset shape is made from molten steel and cast in a unique mold before being expertly enameled. This process results in the even distribution of heat, browning and caramelizing food to perfection.

 Le Creuset is known for its bright colours and style — it is stylish enough to be taken straight from the kitchen to the table where its wide choice of colours coordinate with almost any home decor.

Benefits of Le Creuset Cookware

  • Suitable for all heat sources: can be used on the stovetop, in the oven and under the grill; suitable for electronic, gas, ceramic, induction and halogen top.
  • All Le Creuset products are coated with the highest quality vitreous enamel. This hygienic, impermeable enamel surface means the cookware can be used for marinating foods prior to cooking or for food storage after cooking.
  • Cast iron is a superior conductor of heat. The even thickness of the base, walls and lid mean that heat distribution is even and energy efficient.
  • Heavy, tight fitting lids ensure moisture and flavours are sealed in.
  • Phenolic knobs and handles are ovenproof to 375F, allowing for easy transition from stovetop to oven to table.
  • Weight of Le Creuset products prevents warping, distorting or burning.
Le Creuset range of products includes:
  • Round Ovens
  • Oval Ovens & Soup Pots
  • Buffet Casseroles & Saucepans
  • Skillets
  • Grill Pans
  • Roasters & Specialty Items
  • Garden Collection
  • Trivets and Sets Accessories