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Orangeville’s Kitchen To The Table, was selected by Lampe Berger to be the first in Southwestern Ontario to offer this upscale look. We now offer a full service counter display where you’ll find the whole range of fragrances and a vast selection of lamps.

Stop by and visit our Lampe Berger Boutique!
A full service counter display where you’ll find here the whole range of 40 fragrances and a vast selection of lamps to suit you and your unique style.

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Lampe Berger of Paris has a history of more than 110 years and was first developed as a means to keep the air in hospitals pure. Keep your home’s air fresh and clean. Over 50 different fragrances are available to suit your mood, create a pleasing environment and purify the air.

Lampe Berger History

It was in 1898, that the amazing Lampe Berger story started. In response to a major preoccupation at that time – a sepsis in hospitals – Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical dispenser, invented a system of diffusion by catalysis, for which he filed a patent. This revolutionary technology, which purifies the air in enclosed rooms, was soon to be applied for private use , giving birth to the Lampe Berger company.

The little lamp which destroys bad smells saw its apogee during the1930s: fragrance provided the dimension of pleasure; the Lampe Berger became a collector’s item, each lamp being associated with a designer and major manufacturer such as Cristal de Baccarat, Cristalleries de Saint Louis, Emile Gallé, René Lalique, and then the top porcelain producers of the 1950s… Coco Chanel, Jean Cocteau, Colette or Picasso each had their own Lampe Berger.

A company which, since then, has always continued to develop and reinvent itself in order to be more than ever present for people living in the 21st century.

With over 5 million litres of fragrances and 800,000 lamps sold every year around the world, Lampe Berger is still a huge success, over a century after it was invented. Always a French company from the start, Lampe Berger enjoys a truly international reputation – distributed in 56 countries, present in 7,000 sales outlets around the world.

Lampe Berger Lamps and Fragrances

As beautiful as it is useful for exhaling a cleaner and more fragrant air, the Lampe Berger is available in an incredible variety of styles, designs and materials in order to meet every individual’s desires… The collection today is made up of around a hundred wonderful lamps.

Taking inspiration from nature or distant places, the collection of Home Fragrances contains more than 60 fragrances inviting you to a daily state of well-being.

Our Customers Ask: I have one burner from Lampe Berger and wish to change the scent, what do I do?

  1. Empty the scent from your burner into the scent bottle or use a mason jar with a tight lid.
  2. Take the wick out and squeeze excess fragrance from it. Do not rinse your wick with water or any other liquid.
  3. Add a little Neutral scent into the burner, add the wick and follow the process. Let the Neutral work for about 20 minutes. Cap the lamp and let cool. Later add new scent and again follow the process.
  4. Or you can dry the wick and start a new scent a few days later.
  5. You can mix one scent with neutral, never mix two different fragrances.


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