Emile Henry NEW Colour Silex

Emile Henry, quality crafted since 1850 in France, introduces their newest colour, Silex. Silex is a neutral colour that is a deep yet luminescent grey with hints of green. Emile Henry is most notably known for their oven to tableware that is made from HR (high resistance) ceramic with a highly resistant glaze that is oven safe up to 518˚F. These functional roasting dishes in oval, square and rectangle are basic kitchen staples that you will use for years to come.

Emile Henry BBQ Cookware

When the heat goes up the barbeque goes on! Grill some veggies and lean meats for a super healthy and great tasting meal. Emile Henry BBQ ceramic cookware, made in France, has been designed to grill your meat in a healthier way as the materials are all natural and toxic flare-ups can’t happen. Emile Henry BBQ cookware is also ideal for cooking more delicate ingredients such as fish, seafood or vegetables because of the flat cooking surface. Extremely heat resistant, Emile Henry BBQ cookware can reach 500°C/930°F. It gets hot like cast iron, but diffuses the heat more gently so the ingredients are less likely to burn.

We usually stock Emile Henry Pizza Stones, Baking Stones, Planchas, Shish Kabob Grills and Fish Grills, call to check.

Emile Henry Plancha

Chefs Love Emile Henry

Worldwide, professional chefs and home cooks appreciate Emile Henry for the many products and shapes that are properly designed for cooking and baking. The products have the right dimensions, the correct depth and the special features that make Emile Henry products so desirable for everyone that enjoys cooking and eating great foods.

Emile Henry offers cookware products such as baking dishes and cake stands, and the discerning gourmand will recognize the quality in every loaf pan, casserole dish, stew pot, handcrafted pie dish, trivet, tagine and brazier that they create.

All Emile Henry products are direct freezer-to-oven and exhibit extraordinary thermal shock properties, allowing them to go under the broiler and in the microwave. All Emile Henry products carry a limited 3 year warranty (except the Pizza Stone, which is 2 years) against breakage due to defective workmanship.

Emile Henry—culinary cookware par excellence!
Perhaps my favourite manufacturer of quality baking pans and casseroles is Emile Henry of France, a family-run company who has produced pottery that can go from freezer to oven to table, since 1850. In fact, it’s the inspiration for the name of my store. At this time of year people start thinking about quality cookware, and I’m always proud to recommend Emile Henry. I recently had the privilege of meeting Mr. Jacques Henry, the 5th generation proprietor of this fine establishment. His passion and enthusiasm for his company is evident the moment you meet him.


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