What is Charcuterie?

Charcuterie is a French term for cured meats or the art of preparing meats.

Charcuterie can be the main attraction when it comes to parties. It is so enjoyable to take part in the relaxed atmosphere at your own party. Why not opt to do the work in advance and sit back and be with your company while you can.

A Charcuterie consists of:
A variety of cured meats: Choose different tastes and textures such as sliced salami, cubed ham and paté.
A variety of cheeses: Choose a variety of tastes and textures such as a hard sharp cheddar cheese, a smoked Gouda, soft brie and something else stinky and unpredictable.
Something sweet: Balance out the saltiness of the meat and cheeses with some seasonal fruit or preserves.
Something briny: Olives, gherkins, sauerkraut or pickled onions are a nice addition to the palate here
Other spreads: Thinking of texture again, you might want to add hummus or cream cheese, grainy mustard or bruschetta.
Bread and crackers: Variety is the key; crackers of different sizes and tastes plus a sliced baguette will be fun.
The extras: Be creative here. Anything goes. Think of your guests and their personalities. You could include some small pieces of chocolate, sour candies, licorice and/or nuts.

Make sure to provide red and white wine, beer, cider or sparking water. You and your guests can be satisfied all evening with this fun and interesting spread.