Sheet Pan Meals

Have you heard about sheet pan meals? Sheet pan meals are all the rage for a few good reasons: easy prep, easy clean up, anyone can do it. It’s a simple way to cook healthy weeknight meals without the hassle of multiple pots to clean up afterwards. Sheet pan meals consist of vegetables and a protein of your choice. They are the perfect comfort dinner especially when using fall vegetables such as squash, sweet potato, beets and more. All that you will need is a good sharp knife to chop up the veggies, a baking sheet and a baking sheet liner.

Wüsthof Electric Knife Sharpener

Cooking is way more fun when your knives are sharp for precision cutting. That’s why Wüsthof makes it quick and easy to maintain your knives with the Easy Edge electric knife sharpener.

The Easy Edge electric sharpener offers an intelligent belt-sharpening system with three operating modes allowing you to shape, sharpen and refine your knives to razor sharp. Easy Edge is compact, silent and exceptionally precise. 

$209.99 (regular $259.00)

Wüsthof Knives

Chop and prep all your food with a sharp knife that feels good in your hand. 

Wüsthof is a knife manufacturer based in Solingen, Germany. For seven generations this family-operated business has been producing quality cutlery that is top rated by professional chefs and home cooks alike.

The Ikon Collection is balanced and ergonomic – the special bolster shape ensures optimum balance and allows the entire length of the blade to be used. The handles are riveted for durability.

Carving Set  $349.99 (Regular $405)

Chef’s Knife $149.99 (Regular $230)

OXO Sheet Pan

The Non-Stick Pro Sheet Pan is perfect for sheet pan meals, large batches of cookies and sheet cakes. The square-rolled edges add reinforcement for structure, strength and durability. The micro-textured pattern ensures even baking. Additionally the compatible cooling/baking rack is perfect for cooling cookies or oven-cooking your bacon.


Cooling & Baking Rack for Sheet Pan Meals

11.5 x 18.5″ / 29 x 47cm, Quickly cools fresh baked goods, drains fried foods and supports hot pots.


OXO Fat Separator


Top your creations with gravies and sauces without the fat!

The OXO Good Grips Fat Separator is available in 2 cup/500ml and 4 cup/1L capacity. It is a BPA-free plastic. Pour the cooking liquid through the incorporated mesh strainer to filter out any solid material. The fat rises to the top and only the fat-free liquid pours out of the spout.

500 ml $22.00
1 L     $27.00

Eco Shopping Bags and Produce Bags

These seriously strong cotton mesh shopping bags can hold a lot of groceries, library books, veggies or anything! They are durable, eco-friendly and lightweight.


Produce Bags

Reduce waste by using these transparent nylon reusable produce bags with drawstring. This set includes 2 small bags, 2 medium bags and 1 large bag.

$16.00 set/ 5 pieces

Organic Cotton Bags

Avoid packaging by using these 100% Organic Cotton bags the next time you buy fruit and vegetables. Mesh on one side and solid cotton on the other complete with drawstring. 

$27.00 set/ 2 pieces

Pan Liner

Line your baking sheets for easy clean-up with a reusable silicone baking mat. This package contains two 15.75 x 11.75″ / 40 x 30cm mats that are perfect for baking cookies, candies and making sheet pan meals. This product is reinforced with a fiberglass weave for added strength. Up to 450 degrees F.


Knife Tip: When to use Poultry Shears

Poultry Shears are scissors designed to cut through skin, meat and cartilage (not bone). They have one serrated blade and one smooth blade. Use them to split chicken wings, separate thighs from drums, spatchcock (butterfly) a chicken and remove excess skin or to cut up a whole bird into parts.

$29.99  ($49.99 Regular)

Customers Ask: What is the difference between a baking pan and a cookie sheet?

The baking pan, also known as jelly roll pan or sheet pan, has raised edges. Used for making pastries, cookies, jelly roll cakes, pizzas and roasting vegetables. The cookie sheet has only one raised edge for using as a handle to move the tray. Used for making cookies and having them slide off easily. It can also be used to lift a pizza or separate a cake when cutting cake into layers.

Maison Berger Pink Legend Breast Cancer Awareness Lamp Gift Set

October has come to be known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Join a collective of Canadians who are proving that life is bigger than cancer by raising funds to research and support. Significant progress has been made in breast cancer support, prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and care. With more than 70 Canadians being diagnosed with breast cancer each day, we know there is so much more to be done.

By purchasing a Pink Legend Breast Cancer Awareness Lamp Gift Set a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. A further donation will be made to our local hospital by your generosity.

Pink Legend Lamp Gift Set with 180 ml Lavender Fields Scent

This Limited Edition Legend Lamp is pink! It is translucent lacquered glass with a high polished silver cap and mounting. An ideal gift to show support to any person affected by cancer.


Lavender Fields Scent

The Lavender Fields Home Fragrance is lively and delicate; pays tribute to the blue lavender fields. Notice the top notes of eucalyptus and pear, followed by lavender. Like a breath of Provence, this perfume will give your interior a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

$24.90 / 500 ml

$42.00/ 1 L


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Cider Glazed Chicken Breasts with Fall Vegetables


Sheet pan dinners like this one are the perfect comfort dinner especially when using fall vegetables such as squash.