Time to show our Canadian pride by presenting “Made in Canada” products now available at Kitchen To The Table.

We are thrilled to announce that we now carry Meyer – Canada’s only cookware manufacturer. The Prince Edward Island factory employs Canadians who make cookware for Canadians.

“What I use in my kitchen – real cookware, for real people” says famous Canadian Chef Michael Smith.

Meyer SuperSteel pots and pans are made in Canada

These high quality pots and pans perform so well that they can be found in some of Canada’s most prestigious kitchens including the Culinary Institute of Canada. Meyer cookware is also perfect for the home cook.

The SuperSteel line of pots features a tri ply design throughout, ensuring even heat distribution with no hot spots. The cookware is made of heavy-duty 18/10 stainless steel with a special heat conducting base that is compatible with all cook surfaces including induction. We have great introductory prices to get you started on your collection. 

1.5 L saucepan $69.99 (Regular $159.99)
2 L saucepan $79.99 (Regular $179.99)
3L saucepan $99.99 (Regular $209.99)

Meyer 5 L Dutch oven        $109.99        (Regular $259.99)

Meyer 24 cm fry pan $69.99 (Regular $139.99)

Meyer 10 piece set                     $399.99          (Regular $999.99)

Meyer Steamer 3L               $59.99            (Regular $119.99)

Meyer Stainless Steel Cleaner          $9.99

Customers Ask: What is tri ply cookware?

Tri ply cookware is made of three layers of metal bonded together. Most often stainless steel is bonded with a heat conducting metal in the middle, such as aluminum or copper. When the tri ply covers the entire pot/pan, not just the bottom, the heat distribution is most reliable.

Timbers Wooden Gadgets

Timbers Wooden Spoons and Boards

Timbers is a woodworking company located in the heart of Muskoka, Ontario. This family-owned business designs and hand crafts unique wooden kitchen tools that are inspired by nature. Each piece shows the company’s dedication to using quality materials and workmanship. We carry their spoons, utensils and charcuterie boards. Treat yourself or someone else, to a functional piece of “Proud to be Canadian” art.

Tools starting at $10.00
Charcuterie boards starting at $89.00 

Fill & Store Final Touch

The Fill & Store is the perfect solution for bagging hard-to-transfer soups, stews, pastas and sauces! Invented by a Cordon Bleu Chef and manufactured in Canada! This gadget will hold bags firmly open to allow for easy pouring without the mess! The Fill & Store works with most sizes and brands of storage bags including non resealable bags such as piping bags. 


Brown sugar disk/Cookie press

Keep your brown sugar soft with the Brown Sugar Bear™. Simply soak the terracotta disk in water, pat dry and store with the brown sugar. This ingenious product is made in Alberta, Canada since 1996. 

$3.50 and up

The Garlic Box Gourmet Foods

The Garlic Box has been producing garlic goodness in Hensall, Ontario since 1997. We carry The Garlic Box dressings, condiments, seasonings and flash-frozen garlic that will enhance your daily cooking. Try the Turkey Garlic Chili Seasoning in the chili recipe below.

Turkey Garlic Chili Seasoning $7.25/ 125g

Knife Tip: What is a pinch grip?

The safest and most efficient way to hold a knife is with a “pinch grip”, the classic Western way. Hold the handle of the knife in your dominant hand with your thumb and index finger pinching the blade. You will find you have more control and power when it comes to chopping. Remember, practice makes perfect! Some chefs may extend their index finger along the spine of the knife, but you have less control over the cutting action.

Maison Berger Resonance Lamp

These beautiful geometrically designed lamps are both stunning in shape and colour. The hot paprika colour is warm and rich and topped with a crisp silver mount. The violet colour is bold and mystical and topped with a great gold mount. 

$70.00 Violet and Paprika colours

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a NEW fragrance that is perfect for fall. You will detect the patchouli which is contrasted between the delicacy of sandalwood and the richness of vanilla and amber.

$24.90 / 500 ml
$42.00/ 1 L

Join our Maison Berger Loyalty Program!
On your 6th purchase of our Home Fragrance 500 ml
Receive a FREE 1 bottle Home Fragrance 500 ml and 1 burner

Turkey Garlic Chili

Don’t forget the toppers for a great presentation and taste pairing on this delightful turkey chili!

Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew

Try in your new Meyer pan and serve with garlic bread or crusty baguette.

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