Spring is just around the corner and with that comes an urge to make everything pretty. I love giving my house a spring clean and the kitchen is no exception. It is satisfying to take everything out of the cupboards, give it a good wipe, sort and organize to put it all away tidy. We have some organizing and cleaning solutions for you to help make this job enjoyable.

Kitchen cleaning tips:

  • Clean top to bottom
  • Let your cleaners work while you work
  • Break down the tasks to avoid being overwhelmed
  • De-clutter expired items
  • Organize to help maintain your new space

OXO POP Containers

Take pantry organization to the next level with OXO Good Grips POP Containers. Perfect for storing everyday must-haves like flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, oatmeal, grains and spices. These BPA-free containers are airtight, stackable, space-efficient, and completely dishwasher safe. POP Containers aren’t just for kitchens: use them any place you want more organization. For best results, always press the button to lock in freshness and press the button again to release the lid. These can be purchased as a boxed set or individually.

5 piece set OXO POP Containers


8 piece baking set OXO POP Containers


OXO Expandable Utensil Organizer

This expandable utensil organizer keeps cutlery neatly stacked even when opening and closing the drawer. The adjustable dividers allow you to organize more utensils in less space. Easily expands from 9.75 inches to 16.25 inches wide. Adjustable to fit most drawers.


Scoop, prep, measure, level and decorate.

There are solution-based accessories that attach to the inside of the lids to expand the possibilities of POP. Accessories include measured scoops, brown sugar keepers, dusting tools, coffee scoops and adhesive labels.

Starting at $4.00

iDesign Fridge Organizers

The iDesign crisp refrigerator bins are a versatile addition to your home. This quality bin is made of clear, BPA-free, durable plastic that lasts for years of use. This item is perfect for storing food, craft supplies, cleaning supplies and more. Place your items in the fridge, in the freezer, on your countertop or on a shelf for organization anywhere. The transparent material allows you to easily see your items.

Starting at $15.00

Universal Stone – Natural cleaning no chemicals

The Universal Stone is an all natural multi-purpose cleaner, made in Germany. Spring clean, polish and preserve your home from top to bottom with this great product. See miracles happen on any surface including chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, silver, gold, copper, brass, tin, enamel acrylic, crystal, painted wood, ceramics and more.

Take the Universal stone outside and clean the car, your golf clubs, the siding, windows and more. Removes lime and hard water deposits, permanent marker, grease and those hard to clean stains. Universal Stone is a compressed powder made from earth/polishing clay, glycerine, green soap, soap flakes, vegetable oils and perfume oils.

$36.95 / 650 grams
$46.95 / 900 grams

Dust Bunny Cotton Dusters
Say goodbye to dust bunnies with sets of three cotton flannel dusters. Use on any household surface, damp or dry, for streak-free and lint-free dusting.


Knife Tip: Cleaning

Immediately after using, wash your kitchen knives by hand in warm soapy water then dry with a lint free cloth. The dishwasher is not knife friendly as the heat, moisture and detergent combined with the rattling will damage your knives over time. Protect your investment.

Customers Ask
What is the benefit of a Maison Berger lamp?

One of the biggest benefits of a Lampe Berger, by Masion Berger Paris, is the disinfecting action of heating isopropyl alcohol to purify the air by breaking down the impurities on a molecular level. Clean the air in your home of unwanted germs, bacteria and odours. Beautiful and practical.

NEW Matali Crasset Lamp

The Matali Crasset collection features a weaving pattern in the glass which was inspired by the cotton wick that fuels the lamp. Pick from light blue or chestnut colour. The Matali Crasset gift set comes complete with the Eternal Sap 250ml fragrance, wick-burner, diffuser top, stopper cap and funnel.


NEW Eternal Sap

Here is a NEW scent that is light and natural. It is composed of notes of eucalyptus, sage, grapefruit, peppermint and patchouli.

$24.90 500 ml
$42.00 1 Litre

Eternal Sap Car Diffuser and Refill

This car diffuser has a new square design and a shiny chrome color. Discover the Eternal Sap fragrance for the car. Refill cartridges are also available.


Join our Maison Berger Loyalty Program!
On your 6th purchase of our Home Fragrance 500 ml
Receive a FREE 1 bottle Home Fragrance 500 ml and 1 burner

Now let’s make a MESS! FAJITAS and TACOS

Yummy, fun and so many dishes. Make fajitas, tacos, nachos or quesadillas with these recipes and kitchen accessories.

Gourmet Village Chicken Fajitas

Heat up the skillet and make Chicken Fajitas, make fresh at home, our recipe rivals that of your local Mexican restaurant.

28g Fajita seasoning $3.99

Tortilla Press

Tortilla Press

There is nothing like the taste of homemade corn tortillas! They taste much better and fresher than store bought tortillas. With the Norpro 8 inch cast aluminum tortilla press, you can make homemade tortillas with one press. Recipe included!
*Not intended for flour tortillas


Stainless Steel Taco Rack

Stainless Steel Taco Rack

This stainless steel taco rack allows you to warm your tortilla or taco shells in the oven or on the grill. Easily build your tacos right on the rack. Each rack holds 2-3 tacos.

$29.99 set of 2

Tortilla Warmer

Keeping tortillas fresh and warm!
Great for tacos, burritos and fajitas. Our Tortilla Savor keeps your warmed wraps ready to eat. Holds up to 24 corn or four tortillas.


Slow Cooker Meat Taco Filling

Slow cooked ground meat filling gives the dish a superior texture and a more intense flavour.

Vegan Slow Cooker Quinoa Taco Filling

Great vegan filling recipe for TACO Tuesday or Meatless Mondays!

Spice it Up

Try something new. Gourmet Village makes it easy! Taco seasoning, Baja chili lime shrimp and chili lime corn. It’s a fiesta!