July 2019 – Fermented Foods

Fermenting food is a method of preserving dating back more than 2,000 years. During the fermentation process, beneficial probiotics or ‘live bacteria’ are produced and these probiotics are what gives fermented food their health qualities. Consuming fermented foods may improve your digestion, boost immunity and help maintain a healthy weight. We often make yogurt, sauerkraut and kombucha at the store. Stop by and we’ll help you get started in your fermentation process.

Breville Sous Chef

The Breville Sous Chef® 16 Peel & Dice

I love Breville products and this food processor is no exception. It is my personal Sous-Chef in the kitchen. The slicing disc is one of my favorite attachments because there are 24 settings to adjust the thickness for slicing cabbage, potatoes, peppers etc. for fermenting.

  • Work bowl size is 16 cups! Process bigger batches without emptying the bowl.
  • Dicing disk makes dicing a cinch! Every cube is consistent and the process is much faster than a knife.
  • Slicing disk Slice with 24 settings that let you choose the thickness of your slices from paper thin 0.3 mm up to a thick and substantial 8 mm.
  • Peeling disk peels up to 7 potatoes in 40 seconds!
  • Feed chute options for small to large foods! Lay the zucchini in the feed chute for long slices.
  • Storage caddy keeps all the tools organized! Each tool has a specific labeled slot so everything stays in place.
  • Integrated timer counts up or down! Great for kneading bread or whipping meringues.
  • Direct Drive 1200 W motor has a 25 year warranty!

Special $559.99 (Regular $699.99)

Breville Sous Kit 600

The Breville Dicing & Peeling Compatibility Kit

If you already have the Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro then this kit allows your current machine to Peel & Dice. Featuring an ultra durable Tritan™ bowl with three chute size options designed for every shape, new 12 mm Dicing Kit and the ability to peel firm produce. You now have even more options to create masterpiece meals in minutes.

$159.99  (Regular $249.99)

Römertopf Clay Bakers 

Römertopf Clay Bakers

Customers are so pleased that we have Clay Bakers by Römertopf back in stock! 

Clay Bakers are oven-safe lidded baking vessels that are made in Germany of red clay. Meals cooked in clay bakers are nutrient dense and low in fat. This is because food is steamed and braised in its own juices and cooking fat is not needed. Using a pre-soaked clay pot ensures the vessel creates and maintains moisture, allowing recipes to cook to perfection, while preventing nutrients from escaping. Try one of our clay baker recipes.

3L serves 2-4 people $110.00
4L serves 4-6 people $140.00
7L serves 8-12 people $199.95

PL8 Mandolin

PL8 Mandolin

To create consistent and professional looking fermented foods a mandolin is a great tool! Slice, julienne and waffle-cut using this safe, sturdy and simple mandoline by PL8. This gadget features a blade adjustment knob for a seamless change between the built-in slicing and waffle blades, eliminating loose blades or parts.
• Slice, julienne and waffle cutting thicknesses 1mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm and 7.5mm
• Extra-wide, stainless steel slicing deck allows food to glide when using the guard
• Safety hand guard secures food for stable slicing
• Integrated blades eliminate loose parts
• Non-skid feet fold in for compact storage


Get started with food fermentation

Kilner Fermentation Set

Kilner Fermentation Set

The Kilner® Fermentation Set allows you to create your own delicious fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and more. These foods are packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotics cultures. Just add your favourite vegetables, water and salt. Recipes and instructions are included.

  • 1 x 3 Liter Kilner® Glass Fermenting Jar
  • 1 x Silicone Lid
  • 1 x Air Lock


Chef'n Quickler™ Fermentation Lid

Chef’n Quickler™ Fermentation Lid

This compact lid makes at-home fermenting a breeze. Fill a wide mouth mason jar with produce and brine, screw on the cap filled with water and let lacto-fermentation take it from there. Recipes are included.


Cuisipro Yogurt Maker

Cuisipro Yogurt Maker

Make fermented yogurt at home with this electric yogurt maker by Cuisipro. This unit is collapsible so as to take up as little storage space as possible. The incubation compartment is large and can accommodate a variety of vessels that you wish to make your yogurt in – mason jars, dessert dishes or one large bowl to name a few.

It is so simple to use. There is a one-button operation and the machine automatically shuts off once the cycle is complete. In addition to the yogurt maker you will need a pot to heat the milk, thermometer and yogurt starter.

$44.99 (Regular $65.00)

Knife Tip: How do you shred a cabbage by hand?

  • Cut at stem to create a flat surface
  • Rest cabbage on cut stem for stability
  • Using a chef’s knife, cut the cabbage down the centre to create two halves
  • Cut the two halves down the centre again to make four equal parts
  • Cut the core out of each quarter holding the blade on an angle
  • Rest the cabbage flat side down on the cutting surface, slice from the base to the top

Repeat for the remaining pieces.

Customers Ask: How long does it take to make fermented cabbage?

Allow the mixture to sit on your counter for two weeks minimum or until desired texture and flavour is achieved. Once your “kraut” is finished, place it in an airtight container and store in the fridge.

Maison Berger Bliss Gift Set

Be seduced by the bright colours of the Blissful Lampe and its Tropical Mango 180 ml bottle of scent which is fun and summery.


Coconut Monoi Scent in the Car

Fragrance of the Month Coconut Monoi Scent in the Car

The Coconut Monoï fragrance, a mild fruity blend with a base of coconut, is ideal for relaxing and allowing oneself to escape to a paradise island in the middle of the tropics.

Available formats:
Car Diffuser $24.00
Car Refill $12.00

Clay Baker Cooking

Roasted garlic, baked apples, salmon steaks, vegetable casserole, Oktoberfest chicken and low fat vegetarian lasagna.

Sausage and cabbage stew

Sausage and Cabbage Stew

Try this yummy recipe that is easily doubled and choose your favourite sausage flavour.

Yogurt Recipes

Plain yogurt, flavoured yogurt and dip recipes – perfect for summer entertaining.