Coffee Cocktails

Come in from the cold, brew yourself a good coffee and create something magical. Coffee cocktails are flavorful, a pleasure to sip and easy to mix up. While it’s perfectly acceptable to make any of these coffee cocktails with the same method you use to brew in the morning, consider upgrading your coffee game to the next level for an exceptional base.

Irish Coffee

January 25 is National Irish Coffee Day

Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press by BODUM®

Love your Bodum?

Consider this stunning double wall stainless steel French press by BODUM®. It’s beautiful enough to bring to the table and it will keep your next cup of coffee hot four times longer than a non-insulated carafe. Available in 1 lLtre and 1.5 Litre sizes

$100.00 1 Litre

$110.00 1.5 Litre

Cream Whipper

Dispense perfect whip cream with minimal effort. Use this culinary gadget to prepare whipped cream and flavoured coffee topping for any coffee cocktail. Use with Mosa nitrous oxide cream chargers only.

$84.99 .5 Litre capacity

$96.95 1 Litre capacity

Mosa Cream Whipper Chargers

Mosa cream chargers. These nitrous oxide capsules are the energy burst it takes to create whip cream using your Mosa Cream Maker. 10 chargers/ box


Sorrento Double Wall Latte 2 Glass Set

Zwilling double wall glasses make drinks look and taste extra special They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. No need for a coaster due to the insulation value of the double wall glass.

Starting at $26.99 (Regular $40.00)

The Original Mini Measure Glass

Measure alcohol precisely using table spoons, teaspoons, ounces and millilitres with the original mini measure shot glass.


Long Coffee Spoons

Long coffee spoons are nice accessories to specialty drinks. They allow you to stir and taste and stir and taste and stir and taste. Mmmmm


Breville Expresso Machines

Breville the Bambino Plus

The most compact automatic espresso maker is the Bambino Plus. Your café-quality coffee at home will include the four key elements for success that are found in ALL Breville automatic espresso machines.

1. 19g of dosed coffee using the trimming tool
2. Precise 93?C coffee temperature
3. Optimum 9 bar extraction
4. Powerful hands-free steam, 130?C, to create micro-foam texture

With just a 3 second heat up time from a cold start, along with instantaneous transition from extraction to steam, you can make a coffee even faster.

$599.99 (Regular $699.99)

Breville the Barista Touch

Barista-quality performance uses a touch screen display with pre-programmed café drinks menu and automatic frothing. You can have all of this within a compact footprint in your own kitchen. A built-in grinder delivers the right amount of ground coffee on demand and with a 3 second heat up time using the ThermoJet™ you go from bean to cup faster than ever before.

$1299.99 (Regular $1499.99)

Breville the Oracle Touch

The best of the best is here, fully automated! Touch screen operation simplifies how to make your favorite coffee in three easy steps – grind, brew and froth. You can easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture or temperature to suit your taste. Then save your preferences with your own unique name. Create and save up to 8 personalized coffees.
Thanks to the dual boiler system you can steam milk and extract coffee simultaneously.

You will never leave your coffee shop!

$2699.99 (Regular $3299.99)

What is the benefit of using a Maison Berger lamp?

Maison Berger lamps purify and perfume the air indoors like no other system. Catalytic diffusion destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable odours and germs. Maison Berger lamps appeal to anyone wanting to breathe purified air, whilst enjoying the effective diffusion of fragrances and a splendid decorative item.

Maison Berger NEW Oval Starter Kit

Get everything you need in one box to start your Maison Berger journey. This kit comes with a clear oval lamp with a heavy decorative top. Also included are 250 ml each So Neutral and Ocean Breeze fragrances. Funnel, wick and instructions complete the set.


Subtle Almond Scent

Maison Berger Subtle Almond Scent is a unique fragrance obtained through a blend of aniseed, almond, a floral bouquet at the heart, and finished off with oriental sandalwood bottom notes.


$24.90 / 500 ml

$42.00 / 1000 ml

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Coffee Cocktails

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