Comfort foods have personal meanings for everyone. They usually make you feel warm and fuzzy by harkening back to childhood recipes. They are often high in carbs, calories and are simple to prepare. Easy slow-cooking for taco night is definitely high up on the list of things I want to make on a cold winter day.

Staub Cast Iron Cocottes

Staub cast iron cocottes, made in France, are certainly multifunctional and versatile in that they can sear, sauté, braise, reduce, bake and roast. Did you know that you can use them in place of a slow cooker as well? Use your slow cooker recipes in a cast iron cocotte or Dutch oven. Try the Slow Cooker Meat Filling recipe or Vegan Slow Cooker Quinoa Taco Filling recipe in a cast iron pot!

Staub Cocotte Pumpkin, 3.5 L, regular $400.00 now $229.99
Staub Cocotte Tomato, 3 quart, regular $375.00 now $249.99
Staub Braise & Grill, 7 quart, regular $540.00 now $299.99

The Breville Flavour Maker

For best results when slow cooking it is ideal to sear the ingredients first. Lock in the flavours of your meat pieces by searing and sautéing with your onions and garlic. The Breville Flavour Maker, 7 quart slow cooker, allows you to do this step directly in your slow cooker casserole. Breville’s EasySear® pan retains more flavour because everything happens in one pot. The casserole insert goes from the stovetop directly into the slow cooking unit. It can also be used independently in the oven. Slow cooked and healthy food that the family can’t wait to eat.

Tortilla Press

Tortilla Press

There is nothing like the taste of homemade corn tortillas! They taste much better and fresher than store bought tortillas. With the Norpro 8 inch cast aluminum tortilla press, you can make homemade tortillas with one press.
Recipe included! *Not intended for flour tortillas


Taco Racks

Taco Racks

This nifty taco rack provides a stable foundation for you to create and serve your own delicious tacos.


Stainless Steel Taco Rack

Stainless Steel Taco Rack

This stainless steel taco rack allows you to warm your tortilla or taco shells in the oven or on the grill. Easily build your tacos right on the rack. Each rack holds 2-3 tacos.

$29.99 set/ 2

Tortilla Warmer

Tortilla Warmer

Here is an insulated food server for microwave warming or reheating. This unit keeps your tortillas warm, soft and fresh. It is also useful for flat bread, pitas, naan, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and more!
Top-rack dishwasher safe.




Looking for the fastest, easiest, mess-free way to fill tacos with less shell breakage? This tool is perfect for all your taco fixings from ground beef to sour cream. Easily fill taco shells and layer all your favorite ingredients.


Customers Ask: “Why is Maison Berger Paris so unique?”

Maison Berger Paris is so special because it is both functional and beautiful. Its primary function, when invented in 1898, was to clean and purify the air in hospitals. This is to say that airborne germs are destroyed when using the Maison Berger Paris lamps and fragrances. Keep healthy this winter and personalize your home fragrance all-in-one step.


Maison Berger Lamp Limited Edition Gem Gift Set

Clean the air in your home with a Maison Berger Limited Edition Gem Gift Set. This boxed kit includes a sleek Champagne coloured lacquered glass lamp with a faceted base like a gem stone. Includes a 180 ml Exquisite Sparkle fragrance.


Exquisite Sparkle Fragrance

This floral scent will remind you of sparkling Champagne with zesty and sweet notes with bottom notes of sparkling grapefruit and mellow patchouli.

$24.00 500 ml bottle
$40.00 1 litre bottle

Slow Cooker Meat Taco Filling

Slow cooked ground meat filling gives the dish a superior texture and a more intense flavour.

Vegan Slow Cooker Quinoa Taco Filling

Great vegan filling recipe for TACO Tuesday or Meatless Mondays!