Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Manufacturing has been perfecting the process of making cast iron cookware for over 100years! When Joseph Lodge began making cast iron in 1896, he began a legacy that would create the foundation to an enduring standard of… Read More

The Smoking Gun

By far one of the most intriguing gadgets to come into the Canadian kitchen wares market this year is Breville’s The Smoking Gun™. Where there’s smoke there’s flavour This tool allows you to infuse a variety of foods… Read More

Sophie Conran for Portmeirion

Sophie Conran for Portmeirion is celebrating 10 years and we are celebrating right along with them. Her stunning tableware collection has been part of our inventory since it was unveiled in 2007. This line continues to be a… Read More

Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Orangeville

Lampe Berger Boutique in Orangeville Orangeville’s Kitchen to the Table, was selected by Lampe Berger to be the first in Southwestern Ontario to offer this upscale look. We now offer a full service counter display where you’ll find… Read More

Shun Knives

Incredibly sharp edges and unmatched aesthetics set Shun knives apart from every other kitchen knife.

Zwilling J.A.Henckels

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Spring Gourmet Guide

High Quality Knives from Zwilling J.A. Henckels The Zwilling J.A. Henckels company dates back to 1731 and is recognized throughout the world for its outstanding quality workmanship. While many of you may know the name Henckels for their… Read More

Emile Henry

Emile Henry BBQ

Emile Henry NEW Colour Silex Emile Henry, quality crafted since 1850 in France, introduces their newest colour, Silex. Silex is a neutral colour that is a deep yet luminescent grey with hints of green. Emile Henry is most… Read More

Joseph Joseph IntelligentWaste: Garbage Bin

Around this clean-up time of year I get the urge to purge and sort as we typically spend more time inside. Some people might reorganize the kitchen drawers, clean out the pantry and de-clutter in general. I’m looking… Read More

OXO Good Grips GreenSavers Did you know that on average 20% of the produce we buy is thrown away due to spoilage? There are a number of factors as to why produce spoils: Fruits and vegetables produce ethylene… Read More

Clay Baker Cooking

Healthy and Delicious Clay Baker Cooking! According to archaeological finds, clay pot cookery can be traced back thousands of years, when food in an earthenware pot was put in the glowing ashes of an open fire. What was… Read More